Dada-quilt inspiration

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Loving the inspiration I’m getting for quilts from my Dada research for a history class project.
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User Centered Design – Analog version

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My interview with Katie Thompson.

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I was lucky enough to meet and interview first year photo student, Katie Thompson on Friday. Katie is an energetic and positive person with a smile that I know will spread throughout the photo studio, to students and staff alike. This beautiful outlook on life will serve her well as a student.

Katie grew up in Lynnwood, Washington and graduated from high school in 2007. She married the love of her life and after a brief time in California is back in the Everett area. She is lucky to live close to family and this last summer took the road trip of a lifetime with her mom and sister. Just the girls doing what they like! She was gone for eight days and was able to enjoy the beautiful  sunshine of Idaho, Montana, and eastern washington.  It was a bonding experience that really could not happen until now and the memories made will be with her forever.

Photography is Katie’s passion and has been most of her life. It started as a hobby, but a photo class in high school launched this interest to a whole new level. She started with film and transitioned into digital. Not having the ability after high school to go directly into college courses, she has spent her time learning as much as she can on her own. Katie took a leap of faith in early 2012 and registered with business licence and tried to get her name out there. Like many of us in this program, Katie has maxed out her ability to go further with her passion without more schooling. She has had her eye on SCCA for a couple of years, getting all her ducks in a row to make it happen. She is happy to leave the dead-end jobs in fields that hold no interest for her behind.

Katie’s number one goal is to finish this program like all of us…voicing it, writing it, living it will make it happen! She would also like to own her own home, have a career that she loves that will also provide her a comfortable living, have her work published, and travel to Europe for the non-stop photo ops.

This past June, Katie challenged herself to participate in Long Shot 2013 through Photo Center Northwest. She took photos for a good portion of the 24-hour challenge and was proud to have one displayed at the exhibit.

Along with the other things that have kept her busy this summer, one opportunity she has had was to intern with an established photographer. She has learned a lot and has had some great opportunities. Some of her favorite shoots have been photographing for the Miss Seattle Pageant and the Mrs. Washington Pageant. She feels very fortunate to have had a good variety of experience from events to family portraits and even some product and corporate shoots. This program at SCCA will allow her to take the skills she has learned and build upon and grow to her full potential.

Katie is a self-starter with a bright future. I look forward to working with her in New Media!